Roller Shutters are ideal for a large range of applications..

  • Versatile, suitable for both domestic and commercial applications
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduce outside noise
  • Security
  • Protection from the elements
  • Available in a large range of Colourbond colours
  • No regular maintenance required


Shutters are ideal for your home or business …

Shutters are extremely versatile, they provide security, reduce noise, are energy efficient and are easy to maintain.  There is no need for regular servicing, just wipe them down and rest assured they have a fade resistant finish.  Popular applications include over windows and doorways, theatre rooms, bedrooms, baby nurseries, serveries and in sports clubs.  All of this is available at your finger- tips, shutters are controlled from inside, the deluxe electric option requires a simple flick of a switch or via remote control technology!


Shutters are energy efficient …

Made in Australia for local conditions, shutter slats and guides are made from high tensile aluminium.  The double walled slats are injected with PU foam during the roll forming process.  DSS shutters will block out up to 62% heat and will keep your home, business or outdoor area warmer in the cooler months, saving you on heating and cooling costs.


Reduce noise …

With DSS Shutters outside noise is reduced by around 60%, great if you are located near a busy road or have a noisy neighbourhood!


Security and protection from the elements …

  • Shutters completely cover your windows giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Protect your windows from the weather, hail, strong wind and storms.

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Shutter colours

Large range of colours available …


DSS Shutters are available in a large range of colours and colour combinations to suit all styles of home and business.

Colours available include White, Silver, Grey, Black, Green, Red, Brown, Bronze, Beige, Cream and Clear Beige.