Outdoor blinds add value to your home or business.  Blinds assist with energy efficiency, privacy and provide a space for year round outdoor living and entertaining.  The DSS range of outdoor blinds are custom made to suit your requirements …


  • Sunblinds and awnings for windows and entry ways
  • Retractable blinds for pergolas, patios, outdoor rooms and alfresco dining areas
  • Clear and tinted plastic blinds
  • Blinds and awnings are available in a range of colours in solid fabrics and see-through mesh options
  • You choose, manual wind operation or easy to use electronic and remote control operation
  • Blinds and awnings assist you to save on heating and cooling costs by ensuring your windows are not exposed to direct sunlight or frosts.


Sunblinds and Awnings

Retractable sunblinds and awnings are very versatile and will enhance the look of your home. They are ideal for providing shade over windows and entry ways and are extremely popular for enclosing pergolas, patios, outdoor rooms and alfresco dining areas. 


Love outdoor entertaining? …

If you love outdoor entertaining or simply want to bring your family's outdoor and indoor living areas together, we have exactly what you need.   DSS offer a range of aesthetically pleasing solutions that will keep out the rain and protect your family during the summer. Darren will tailor a solution to suit your needs and functionality and create a beautiful outdoor living area that will add value to you home and provide you with year-round living.  Sunblinds and awnings are available in various colours and styles and in both solid and mesh fabrics that offer protection but still allow you to see and enjoy the outdoors.


Clear and Tinted Plastic Blinds

Clear & Tinted PVC is also a popular option for enclosing an outdoor entertaining area. PVC Blinds block out the elements whilst keeping the warmth in during the cooler months.


Fabric and Mesh Range

Canvas has traditionally been the most popular fabric used for sunblinds. With 100% block out and long lasting reputation canvas is the number one choice to block out the sun.  DSS now has a range of mesh blinds, available in various colours, that allow you to enjoy the outdoors whilst still blocking out the wind and protecting you from the sun.