Doors Screens and Shutters custom make your security doors and screens and service Geelong and surrounds. 


Security Doors


Security Doors and Screens provide:

  • Security
  • Air flow
  • Traditional or modern appeal, your choice of various designs
  • Your choice of steel security mesh


Security Doors are manufactured from steel security mesh locally by DSS and provide you with security whilst at the same time allowing you to enjoy airflow without the insects.  Choose from a large range to suit all styles from traditional colours and designs to modern options to suit contemporary homes.  DSS will also repair any of your existing security doors or screens.



Don’t want to cover you entry door? … No problem, DSS security doors compliment your modern entry whilst still providing the above features however your door, depending on the option you choose, can still be visible through the screen.


Fly Screens

Fly Screens are custom made for windows, pergolas, outdoor rooms and alfresco areas.  Like door screens they provide aesthetic appeal and air flow without insects.